Creative Cook Classes with Charmaine Broughton,  


Charmaine’s Bio:
 Charmaine Broughton? is a food media specialist, cooking instructor and host of “In Char’s Kitchen Kitchen” on YourTV Muskoka. Most importantly; she’s the mom of two hungry teenage boys; Tyler & Colgan. Charmaine understands the importance of preparing wholesome dishes while keeping time and budget in mind.  Follow along: FB: Charmaine Broughton * Instagram: Charmaine_Broughton #InCharsKitchen

Creative Cook Classes Instructor - Berivan Alali,

We are thrilled to welcome cooking class instructor Berivan Alali to The Creative Cook. She will
be offering Lunch & Learn, demonstration style classes, and will be added to our regular
schedule of the lunch time classes.
Berivan and her family moved to Canada from Syria in 2017. Fortunately for us, she brought
with her a love of cooking and sharing authentic, traditional recipes that her mother taught her.
While settling into Canadian life, Berivan quickly realized that her love of cooking and sharing
those traditional recipes were in high demand. With the encouragement of friends and family,
she has started a small catering business, and is currently enrolled in the YWCA’s Women in
Business course.
We feel fortunate that Berivan has chosen The Creative Cook as a platform to share her love of
cooking and sharing those beautiful flavors and recipes from Syria.



"Chocolate Margaret" (previous owner of Momma Bears Chocolate and Ice Cream Shop)